15 04, 2019

Why Do I Believe You? Testimonies Versus Scientific Validation

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Subjective “Truth” Who among us does not appreciate a public supportive testimony for whatever work we are doing? Such a testimony not only “validates” our effort, it gives us support [...]

19 03, 2019

From the “Urge” to Qigong to the Trivedi Effect: My Healing/Helping Journey

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The Beginning of My “Healer” Journey From my earliest years, there was always the inner urge to help others.  And that urge was commanding and at times demanding. When dishes [...]

25 02, 2019

There is Pathological Anxiety. But There Is Also Transformative “Sacred” Anxiety! Who Would Have Thought So!

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Pathological Anxiety The anxiety that garners the attention of psychologists and psychiatrists has a sad and prolific offspring!1 There is General Anxiety Disorder otherwise known as GAD (General Anxiety Disorder); [...]

1 02, 2019

Do You Know that “Shame” can be Powerfully Transformative?

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Healthy “Shame” can be Transformative. To grow and advance in maturity and happiness, it is necessary to experience “shame.” Without shame one does not overcome nor can one recognize the character flaws, the faulty conditioning, the egocentric tendencies which permeate our thoughts, words, and [...]