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“Eileen Meagher is one of the most skilled energy work individuals I have experienced in my 40 years of seeking knowledge in this area. I would recommend her to anyone who is drawn to the power of harmonizing the body and mind with healing.”
Ed Jones, Owner and Manager of Nutrition World
“My kidneys were hurting. During a healing session with Eileen I was healed of issues I had been working on for years. Her healing made a huge difference in my health. I recommend her to everyone and often.”
Tami F.
“The benefits I’ve received from Eileen Meagher’s work have changed my life profoundly. I have a deep and lasting energy that comes from healing at the cellular level. Life is not only more easily productive; joy and personal growth are keeping step with the improvement in my health. I have tried numerous avenues to regain and restore health and vitality such as herbs and exercise. Nothing came close to the improvement I have received from Eileen’s treatment. I cannot recommend her enough. It is my heartfelt desire that others benefit from her immense abilities to produce true and positive change in their health and life.”
Pam S. (LMT)
“Eileen prepared me for ovarian surgery by providing relief of what I believed were severe gallbladder symptoms so I could enjoy a week’s vacation with my family. Eileen’s validation of my concerns gave me the support to urge my doctor to investigate my gallbladder. My doctor reluctantly called on another doctor to look at my gallbladder. He found it to be very toxic and removed it at the same time as the ovarian surgery was performed. He said I would have needed emergency surgery within two weeks to remove that sick gallbladder. I appreciate Eileen’s knowledge as well as her ability to lead her clients down their own path to healing.”
Bridget D.

“I was due to have a hysterectomy and asked Eileen for a healing session to prepare me for the surgery. During the session, she noted a problem in my hand but I said there was none. I forgot I had a cut on my thumb that had been there for several months and was very painful. After the hysterectomy, I left the hospital in two days and I healed quickly. I also noticed that the cut on my thumb had completely healed. My quick recovery and healing was, I believe, due to Eileen’s healing ability.”

Terri G.
“I was suffering for over a year from sciatica pain that ran from my left hip down to my ankle. The pain was sometimes excruciating and sometimes mild but it never went away. Since I was in the same room as Eileen, on the spur of the moment I called on her to do a healing on me. She did it very quickly, nothing long or complicated. Immediately the pain disappeared. I decided to see if I could walk, almost afraid to try for fear the pain would return. It didn’t. I walked more quickly, then ran to my car, and still no pain, nor did it come back. It was simply a miracle. I am so thankful and I don’t know why I waited so long to ask for Eileen’s help.”
Karen C.

“Thank you for helping me become the man I am today. You are a gift from GOD to all of us and I hope you continue to improve lives for many years to come.”

Brad W.
“I have been a student of Eileen’s for almost 10 years, attending numerous classes, practices, and healing sessions. She is one of the best kept secrets in our area. Her energy, intuitiveness and knowledge are truly enlightening!!”
David L.
“My experience with working with Eileen has been transformational. I love the changes I’m experiencing in my thought patterns and habits.”
Jessica A.
“I favored my left hip and also felt a lump in my breast. During Eileen’s healing, I first felt relaxed, then felt warmth mostly on my left side. I felt at peace afterwards. The next day and for several days I felt “dragged out” and so tired. I was healed and I am grateful to Eileen.”
Eileen A.
“I was seized by a respiratory grunge that was quite debilitating. After Eileen’s treatment, I was breathing more easily. I had a surge of energy and was able to run a couple of errands. The next day, I had decidedly turned the corner and within another day was back to normal. I am a grateful recipient of Eileen’s healing ability.”
Treva T.
“I was having immune issues and personal stress and hardly recognized myself. An acupuncturist recommended I see Eileen for a healing session. Several sessions later, my spirit and body found the peace it needed to begin the healing process. The love of the universe flows through Eileen. I deeply appreciate her help and healing. Thank you, I am functional again.”
Breann T.
“Eileen’s healing work has made a subtle but profound difference in my life, giving me a stronger sense of myself. I see the benefits in my daily life where I am happier and more at
Ben R.

Eileen is a true gem and we are lucky to have her in this area. She has a gift that can bring one of a kind experience like I have never seen. She truly has a heart for helping others and if you are willing she can share her gift with you and touch your soul.

Blake R.
“I cannot thank Eileen enough for a beautiful healing session. I appreciate her wisdom, time, and love.”
Jann S.
“Because of Eileen’s healing, I have a renewed sense of vitality and purpose. I am easier on myself and others and am more cognizant of my many blessings.”
Janet H.